Your Protocols. Your Device.


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Organized to match your current paper-based index, or alphabetized. Your choice.
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Text and graphics to help your personnel successfully execute your procedures.
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Indexed for quick retrieval, faster than flipping through a protocol manual.
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Med Control

One-touch dialing to your service's Medical Control number.


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Poison Control

One-touch dialing to your state's poison control number, or the number of your choosing.
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Login Area

Secure your information with passwords. Secure the entire app or individual areas, your choice. Have the ability to add or cancel passwords at any time.
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Dosage Calculators

We can build custom calculators tailored to your needs. Just enter the patient's weight in lbs. or kgs and get the correct dosage, right on your device.
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Mapping to the facilities you transport to the most. Leveraging native mapping software, be sure even your newest personnel always know where to go.
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Ever wanted to time something, but there never seems to be a stopwatch around? This timer makes it a breeze.
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Local RADAR, forecasts, watches and warnings provided by leaders in the weather industry.
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On Scene personnel can send their exact GPS location by SMS (text), or email. Set it up with pre-filled addresses, or use any address in their contact book. Visually confirm the location by map view (satellite or standard).
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EMS Connect

Your own private social network. Allows you to interact with your app users, and they can interact with each other. Share important news, relevant information, protocol updates, or where to get the best burger. A social network like the big guys, but without all the noise that doesn't interest you.
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